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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Future Functionality

Thanks to everyone who has replied to our emails and made comments and suggestions about Nabonidus. A lot of people asked about what we were planning for future versions of Nabonidus so we felt we would post something here so everyone can get a feeling for where Nabonidus is going.
  • Desktop/mobile version for use onsite. We aim to build a version of Nabonidus that you can install on your laptop or mobile device and use to input data whilst on an excavation. When an internet connection becomes available you will be given the opportunity to upload your data to the website.
  • Integration with GIS applications
  • Data Import and Export functionality. We realise a lot of users currently have data in other databases and formats and would like to import that data to their Nabonidus excavation. We also realise that a lot of archaeologists have tools and applications they use to analyse their data and it would be useful for them if they could export data out of Nabonidus and into their other applications. We are working on a solution to both these scenarios.
  • Survey component. A independent sheet on the same level as the context and wall context pages for the recording of survey data. The data, as with all Nabonidus data will be adaptable to individual excavation needs.
  • More reporting. Distribution of pottery classes across whole areas and sites. Cross Excavation analysis. .PDF output for reporting.
  • Public facing page for excavations to publish information about their dig to the general publc.
  • Document repository. Allow excavations to store all their documents online along with their excavation data.
  • EVE - Estimated Vessel Equivalent.
  • Perhaps some sort of integration with Google maps/Windows live

Please feel free to comment and if you have ideas for things we haven't covered here then please tell us.


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