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Monday, March 05, 2007

Nabonidus Desktop

We are about midway through the development on what we are calling Nabonidus Desktop. It is essentially an installable desktop application that will allow you to record excavation data locally on a laptop or a PC rather than needing to have an Internet connection and access to the Nabonidus website to record your data. We are building it primarily to solve the problem of remote excavations that have no Internet connection.

Data will be able to be synchronised between Nabonidus Desktop clients and the "master" database online at So for example you could have 4 trenches in your excavation - each with their own laptop with Nabonidus Desktop installed. They will be able to record all their data independently and then when they are happy with their data and an Internet connection becomes available they can upload all that data to Nabonidus Online. The excavation supervisor may then decide that she wants to download all the newly uploaded online data and can do so to her laptop running Nabonidus Desktop as well.

The first release of the desktop client will have pretty basic recording capabilities. We hope that if a good interest is shown in it we can expand it's functionality to at least match what you see online. One big advantage we see is data security. We know a lot of users are worried about their data being "online" and this desktop client means users can take care of their own security until they are happy that their data is "publishable" and not rely on us so much to secure their data.

We also hope to include peer-to-peer functionality into the first release - the search function on the desktop client will search not only the local database but the online database at and also any "peer" Nabonidus Desktop clients it can find on the Internet with publicly available data. Our vision for Nabonidus is more and more leaning towards this sort of standalone application. One that will work in connected and disconnected environments, one that is decentralised but with the ability to locate peers to share and compare data.

Anyway there is still lots of work to do on the application but we hope to demo it at the Computing Applications in Archaeology conference in April this year.

As always the desktop client will be free to download and install. We will also post the source code to somewhere like CodePlex so any interested developers can enhance and alter the application as they please.

We will post up links to the application installer and screenshots as soon as they become available.

Ben Wood.


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