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Friday, August 22, 2008

View Context as PDF

We've just added a "View as PDF" option to the Context list:

So you can now save a copy of a Context as a PDF document to your machine and print it too.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Additional URL -

For some reason we registered this domain name - it will save you 6 key strokes next time you want to visit Nabonidus:

Our original address still works too...

Change of Hosting Service

Along with the recent additions to Nabonidus we have also changed our hosting service.

We hope that this will mean the site runs faster and is more reliable but please tell us if you have speed or connectivity issues (Contact Us). The thing is the servers that host the site are in Australia (previously they were in Colorado) so it runs lightening fast for me here in Sydney but I know Sam in London didn't notice any difference!

As part of the process we had to take all the data from the orginal database and copy it across to the new database. We've compared the two databases and they are exactly the same but if you feel like perhaps some data was lost somewhere along the line then please let us know (Contact Us).

Additions to Nabonidus Complete

We have finished making the additions to Nabonidus mentioned in this blog post.

The major changes are basically a whole bunch of new fields on the Context Sheet, Artefact sheet, Pottery sheet etc. But we have also rebuilt the "Manage Typologies" section which is now called "Pottery Classes". You can now Add/Edit and Delete Pottery Classes and search by date range for one too.

We've done a few little Ajax update things too to make the data entry experience a little nicer.

We have tested the additions but please tell us if you encounter any problems.